Feroze Ali: The eSports Athlete Changing Your Thoughts on eSports

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It’s not every day that you’re asked to represent a club more than 4100 kms away. It’s also not every day you get asked to represent one that didn’t exist just over a year ago.

But that is the case for Feroze Ali as he represents York9 FC in the eCPL: Home to Play tournaments hosted by ChuBoi and Mike Labelle.

Ali, for his part, grew up in Mississauga after immigrating from Dubai in 2004. It was this connection that pushed him to choose York9.

“(It) is one main reason why I wanted to represent York9,” Ali said. “I could have picked any (club) and I said York9 is the one I want because it represents Toronto and Mississauga.”

An avid sports fan, Ali isn’t your typical eSports guest. In fact, he really isn’t an eSports player at all. He is a content creator, one who mostly deals with sports but has caught the eye of many.

His content has given him a chance that most sports fans would only dream of. In 2018, he got the chance to work with Chelsea legend Frank Lampard on a documentary where Ali was doing the animating. It meant a little something more to the creator as Lampard is his idol.

“it was pretty surreal to be talking to him and then him actually saying he has watched my videos before,” Ali said on his encounter.

He also had this to say about the Chelsea legend: “…not just on the pitch but off the pitch he does so much… Frank Lampard is a total professional. So, for sure he is definitely my idol.”

From a trip to Stamford Bridge to playing for York9, Ali loves every minute of it. While he might not be an eSports professional, he does have extensive experience playing FIFA.

“I’m passionate about FIFA,” the York9 representative said. “I started playing actually back in ‘98. So, I have been playing the game for a really long time.

“I’ve played in a few tournaments here and there, to be honest with you, and it went pretty decent… I participated the LA Galaxy tournament a couple of years ago. I ended up getting offers as well to represent some clubs, but I decided just to hold back at that time in my career.”

Despite his experience he is playing at a bit of a disadvantage. Ali, like all the eSports competitors, must use his FIFA Ultimate Team, which he hasn’t played since December. But he wants all the York9 fans to know that he isn’t going to let that stop him.

Feroze Ali in the CPL promotion. (CPL/York9)

“I’m going to try better than my best to win and make everyone proud,” Ali said. “I’m sure a lot of people who were in my shoes, they would have just been like no way because they’re so behind in terms of the whole Ultimate Team challenge. But the fact that I, without playing for a while now, will just give it all and I’m sure it will work. Max and I are going to make this happen and hopefully we turn everything around and win the next few games.”

Ali and his partner, York9 midfielder Max Ferrari, will look to bounce back after a week one loss to FC Edmonton when they take on Kwame Awuah from Forge FC and his partner Nawid Noorzai (GoalMachine).

The tournament starts at 6:00 pm EST when HFX Wanderers take on newcomers Atletico Ottawa while Cavalry FC takes on Edmonton. The 7:00 pm games will see the aforementioned York9 and Forge rivalry and Pacific FC take on Valour FC. Follow all the action on the CPL’s Twitch, YouTube and Facebook pages.