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  • Episode 83 – Nick, Kyle and Irfan are joined by ASJ Soyaux defender and new co-host of Touchline Thoughts Paige Culver to discuss her career. She stay on to talk about the Champions league finals on the men's and women's side as well as Unite's bid for a Europa League. The boys also give their […]
  • Episode 82 – Nick, Kyle and Irfan are back to discuss the first two days of the NFL Draft and who surprised and who fell. They also breakdown the EPL top teams and what this season has taught us about each teams. They finish off by talking about the Roberto Alomar situation with the news […]
  • Episode 81 – Nick and Kyle are joined by the hosts of the Canadian Football Perspective podcast ( Wade Zanchetta and Connor O'Neil to preview the upcoming NFL Draft. Nick and Kyle also talk about the week that the European Super League existed and ended. – Recorded April 24th, 2021
  • Special – Nick and Irfan discuss the news about a potential Super League in Europe that could see the end to the European system as we know it. They give their takes, hear the words of managers, players and pundits alike and look to what it could mean for the big leagues. – record April […]
  • Episode 80 – Nick, Kyle and Irfan are back to recap the NHL trade deadline and give their winners and losers. They also take a look at the EPL and the surprises they have seen as well as some Champions League talk, with an overreaction from Kyle. – Recorded April 17th, 2021
  • Episode 79 – Nick, Kyle and Irfan discuss the upcoming NHL trade deadline and give their thoughts on what the Leafs need to do. They also update the Master tournament and have another tough conversation about racism in sports after Valencia walks off the pitch. – Recorded April 10, 2021


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