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Nick McVicar – @NickMcVicar


”This network is my proudest achievement so far. Being able to talk sports with some of my best friends is amazing. Growing up we always talked about doing a show together and after spending my university career doing sports broadcasts it just made sense. I have a strong background in hockey, soccer, baseball, football and basketball while following tennis and university sports as well. When it comes to the show (Garage Door Sports) itself I couldn’t be more thrilled to bring it back. With the group we have behind the scenes and on air this could be something really special.”

Nick currently hosts Garage Door Sports and co-hosts 20 Minutes on Ice. He produces GDS and edits the video casts for both shows. Nick also writes for the site.

Ryan Haslett – @Ryan_H16

Host of 20 Minutes of Ice

“I’ve been in love with hockey my entire life! Hockey is what I know and I need to discuss the sport with others. Looking at all of the possible angles, the rational ones and the irrational. Media is another hobby of mine and I’m driven to put these two things together to bring you a quality podcast about the sport we love.”

Ryan hosts the 20 Minutes on Ice hockey podcast.

Matthew Lough – @lough_matthew

Co-host of the Betting House Pod

I follow football, baseball, hockey and basketball the most. I grew up playing hockey and baseball my whole life and now I get to discuss my bets with a great group of guys. Let’s make some money!

T.J. Varty – @tylervarty

Co-host of the Betting House Pod

I am a huge fan of sports as a whole with a main focus on hockey, baseball, football and basketball. I have alot of passion when it comes to sports whether I am playing or watching and it is representative in my knowledge across the board. I look forward to discussing and making some great bets with a group that knows their stuff.

The more you learn the more you earn – Warren Buffet

Irfan Manji – @IrfanManji


“The idea of working together manifested in high school. Nick, Kyle, and myself had always spoken about creating our own sports show and to finally be able to join the boys as an analyst of Garage Door Sports was fantastic. To join as a host is even better. My expertise lies predominantly in footy, but I like to chime in on hockey, baseball, basketball, and the occasional football.”

Irfan is the co-host of Garage Door Sports and writes for the site. He is also the Producer and Host of Touchline Thoughts.

Kyle Varty – @KyleVarty


“The sports I strive in are hockey, football, baseball and basketball. I also touch on soccer and other. I played sports all my life and I love to talk about them all.”

Kyle co-hosts Garage Door Sports alongside Nick and Irfan and also writes for the site.

Garage Door Sports Network logo

Justin Rapier – @jrapier4

Original co-host of GDS and current co-host of the Betting House Pod

I am one of the original Co-founders of Garage Door Sports Network. After an extended hiatus I am back and happy to be rejoining the team!
I am a very big sports fan who loves an array of sports including Hockey, Baseball, Football, Basketball, UFC, and Formula 1 Racing. I am a big Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Blue Jays and Pittsburgh Steelers fan. Once the weekend hits my butt is planted on the couch watching sports all weekend. 
You can catch me on the newest podcast, the Betting House weekly giving you my expert picks on all sports for your degenerate betting needs. 

Paige Culver – @culver_paige

Host of Touchline Thoughts

My name is Paige Culver. I’m from Oakville Ontario, I started plying soccer at 4 years old. I grew up in a soccer family, my siblings and my dad all play soccer (my mom is a soccer fan). We are a Manchester United Family (unfortunately). I had the privilege to go play soccer at Kent State university D1 NCAA while also finishing a bachelors degree in finance. After school I signed my first pro contact for Pink Bari in Serie A in Italy and I am currently playing for ASJ Soyaux in D1 in France. I’m super excited to be a Part of Touchline Thoughts and the Garage Door Sports Network!

Analysts and Guests

Wade Zanchetta – @wadezanc27

Football Analyst/Writer

Wade Zanchetta is a former University of Toronto linebacker. Wade now co-hosts the CFPerspective Podcast while he studies Sports Journalism.

Kellen Forrest – @KellenForrest

Former Host and Producer of On the Mic with Kellen Forrest

He may have peaked in high school, but if there is one thing Kellen Forrest does know, it’s sports. A fan of them all, he is particularly fond of NCAA college basketball. As a former post-secondary football player at the University of Calgary, he is very excited to start talking college hoops at the Garage Door Sports network.

Jake Bolin Moss – @jakebolinmoss

Producer of the Betting House Pod

Jake currently produces the Betting House podcast. His talking strengths are in hockey, basketball and football, but he can con his way through baseball chat if need be. He also loves the growth of the betting industry and believes it will change the way we consume sports content in the coming years.

Michael Mazzei – @theleafsimo

Hockey Analyst

Michael is a sports writer who specializes in covering the Toronto Maple Leafs. You can find his work on The Leafs Nation and Maple Leafs Hot Stove.

Gabriel Ferraro – @gferraro_10

Former Host of the Between the Uprights podcast

Spending my whole life playing and watching sports, I’ve found a deep rooted love talking about it with others. I grew up playing soccer and then transitioned into football, and I still currently play as a member of the Hamilton Tigers Cats. I love talking football of all levels, including NFL, CFL & University level, so I’m very excited to join Garage Door Sports and offer my perspective of all things football from a kicker’s point of view.


Canada Kicking Academy –


Proud sponsors of the “Kick Off” segment of the show. Daniel and Gabriel Ferraro both had stellar university special teams careers at the University of Guelph, with Gabriel now signed by the Ottawa Redblacks of the CFL. If you want to learn more check out there website canadakickingacademy.com

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