A Different Field – Max Ferrari to Represent York9

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Being a rookie on a team can be tough. Being a rookie on a team when the season gets postponed is even tougher. But for York9 FC’s Max Ferrari, he gets a chance to represent his club in a different way.


Ferrari is the York9 representative in the eCPL: Home to Play tournament; something that makes him very proud. His new teammates also have his back.

“They just, …want me to do well, represent the club,” he said. “They thought I did fine in my first result tying 2-2, which is not a bad thing. I just got unlucky. They’ve been good, very supportive posting stuff on Instagram.”

At 20 years old, the box-to-box midfielder is a big gamer. And he is well-versed in his gaming ability. With the down time right now, he is taking the opportunity to play with his new teammates on a different field- Playstation

“I think it’s just great.” he said. “I play a lot of FIFA, that’s my main game. I sometimes play NHL, Fortnite, Call of Duty… but yeah I’m a big FIFA guy so it’s a good opportunity for me to play.”

For the young Canadian, this opportunity means more than just soccer. He sees this as a chance to grow the CPL fanbase as well. It also has a bit of a personal touch for him when it comes to the tournament hosts, ChuBoi and Mike Labelle.

“I think it’s fun to get the whole league involved with the fans and obviously, the local eSports community; all the people that like watching video games,” Ferrari said. “I thought it was really cool seeing ChuBoi and Mike Labelle because I grew up watching them commentate on FIFA eSports.”

After the first week, Ferrari and his York9 partner, content creator Feroze Ali, are 0-1 after a tough loss to the FC Edmonton pair of Erik Zetterberg and Gabriel Cabrera (SibWolf). 

They will look to bounce back this week when they take on the Forge FC team of Kwame Awuah and Nawid Noorzai (GoalMachine) in the first round of the tournament on Friday.